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The Blessing Bell

The Story Behind The Blessing Bell

As a child, my family had a special bell in our house that we rang on many occasions. From celebrations, to having it by a bedside in case of a nightmare or when one of us had a stomach bug, this bell was put to good use. There were four children in our family and we often joked about which one of us would inherit this highly coveted bell. That was no longer a question when it was lost in a house fire. As adults, we all found bells of our own.
And the traditions continued.

My hope is that other families will begin traditions of their own that include The Blessing Bell.

*The companion storybook is now available!

1 thought on “The Blessing Bell

  1. I love the story and thought behind the Blessing Bell. I am gifting this on to my best friend this Christmas! We can all use a Blessing Bell in our lives today. Thank you for the inspiration this season! Merry Christmas

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