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Bell Tradition-Memphis, TN

Brooke H., Memphis, TN

“Since I was a young child, each time we go on a trip, we have always collected Christmas ornaments for our tree.  Our favorite Christmas movie is It’s a Wonderful Life, and at the end, the little girl says, ‘Every time a bell rings, an angel gets its wings.’ My mother, grandmother (her mom), and I began the tradition of collecting bells on these trips as well. My father passed away when I was little, so his mother, whom I infrequently got to see, got me a bell each year…sort of a way to remember my dad and his side of the family. Our tradition with these bells is so meaningful, and it touches both sides of my family. We have enough to go around the tree several times. Of course, we start them at the bottom because that part jingles the most. These bells tell one long story as you go around the tree and make each Christmas even more special.”

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Bell Tradition- Asheville, NC

Kimberly R., Asheville, NC

“We have a bell that gets passed from person to person in our immediate family. When one of us has a special day, such as a birthday, Mother’s Day, or Father’s Day, the appropriate individual gains possession the night before.  Beginning the next morning, the bell may be rung for coffee or breakfast in bed, a snack, a shoulder massage, or a chore. Reminders have to sometimes be given not to take advantage of this privilege, as there is always a person that will have it after they do!”

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Bell Tradition- Germany

Val K., Germany

“We have a bell in our family that we take turns using for special requests.  Admittedly, I use it the most, but my daughter is still in the ‘pleaser’ stage. Each Saturday morning, I ring the bell.  Soon to follow is the most beautiful pink-cheeked little girl with a cup of coffee in my favorite mug.  What better way to start off my day?  A dose of caffeine and a snuggle from the giggling ‘coffee lady!’ “

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Bell Traditions- Dunnellon, FL

Carla, Dunnellon, FL

“Growing up on 6 1/2 acres on the riverfront in Florida, we spent our summers in and by the water.  We hated to go inside because we were always having too much fun chasing fiddler crabs or taking a leaky rowboat equipped with Maxwell House coffee cans. While one would bail, the others would row to an island and we hunted for ‘treasures’. If the mosquitoes didn’t chase us indoors before supper, my mother would ring a large bell attached to a rope (It was really a fire alarm bell).  We could hear that bell instantly, whereas we couldn’t hear our mother shouting for us to come home. To this day, I still have a penchant for bells and have collected quite a few.  My favorite bell is one we purchased at an antique store. It’s a large brass bell attached to a huge leather belt that was formally worn by a cow in Germany.”